Tips For Improving the Beach to Beacon Registration Procedure


The Beach to Beacon 10k is a superb destination race, particularly to get a race of this a brief distance. A world class area together with a panoramic (and enjoyable) class in Southern Maine function to supply a fantastic experience for anyone wanting to holiday in the region.

The race is quite popular, selling out last year in roughly 24 hours and this season in roughly 110 minutes despite enabling a field that’s 9% bigger than annually.

As good as this race is, even however, I think there are a number of definite areas for improvement.

Locate a New Provider for Registration

The enrollment procedure was atrocious the previous 3 or 4 decades. Now that online enrollment is required and there isn’t any more a paper choice, the race board wants to explore finding a new alternative than the business they now are using. Their site essentially grinds to a stop having a couple hundred to a million people hitting it in a time, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t all that traffic along with a retailer supplier should easily have the ability to deal with it.

Not only are their regular timeouts, but the website would frequently only reveal a blank white page as opposed to an error message. If you refresh the page, then you may find an error message or you may not. After processing my credit card I’ve got the white page and attempted to publish my advice again. I had been told that replicate information was filed, so although not getting an affirmation I presumed I had gotten. After the record of entrants has been declared, nevertheless, my title wasn’t there JEE Main 2018 Application Form.

Incorrect error messages are much worse than no error messages.

Change the Registration Time

Registration for the race is on March 15th. While I personally find no reason for enrollment must be held1/2 weeks prior to the race once they are aware that it will be at or close to maximum capacity anyhow, I know that isn’t likely to change but I believe that using enrollment 2 months prior to the race provides lots of time for bibs to be published and is much less likely to lead to people getting injured and being unable to operate, which prevents others from conducting that would otherwise have been able to.

Permit Cape Elizabeth Residents to Register Early

Residents of Cape Elizabeth, in which the race has been held, need to manage their city shut down for a day and a half to your race and also have a couple of runners instruction on some windy and narrow streets throughout July.

For those who have a charging and mailing address in Cape Elizabeth, then there ought to be an early enrollment choice to permit them to compete within their home city race without needing to take care of each the frustrations produced by the registration procedure.

Permit Streakers to Register Early

If someone has run all the Beach to Beacon races, then they need to have the chance to enroll early so they are able to continue to keep their streak alive. They encouraged the race in and year out and each year the amount of qualified folks will fall.

They should also have the chance to enroll early.

Permit the Transfer of Registrations

I understand it may be a little bit of an administrative hassle to move registrations, but to get a favorite race which sells half a year beforehand it needs to be allowed. The sole reason I can think of for not letting the transport of registrations is to come race day there will not be a full-capacity audience.

To ease the administrative hassle, do not permit any enrollment transfers following a week prior to the race. Because packets and bibs are published beforehand and therefore are personalized, there might have to become more of a direct time in order allow up them before a month earlier or however long it requires bibs to be published.

To alleviate the price of upgrading the paperwork, cost a commission ($10 will be fair and is nearly 30 percent of their registrations fee) and automate the process through the site to ensure all you want to do is conduct a report to ship it to the capsules. You might also supply a no-charge way of turning a race amount in which would enable individuals on a waiting list to enroll for full price.

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