Celebrating Kadayawan Festival at Davao City


Throughout the month of August, Davao City celebrates the Kadayawan festival. Known for being among the nation’s most spectacular festivals, Kadayawan has been originated from a native speech, “madayaw”, meaning something that’s great, exceptional, bountiful and beautiful. To gratify the town’s blessings on natural resources, cultural heritage and the quality of life, Davao retains a month long party which has events which will certainly amuse the tourists and locals alike.

Venerating the Indigenous Community

The most important aim of this Kadayawan party is to commemorate the town’s cultural heritage and to honor some thing like the opening ceremony consists of a demonstration from Davao’s native men and women. Amidst the constant modernization of our Way of Life and the continuing process of globalization, Davao is thankful for its preservation of legacy and gives significance to its native tribes hotel in davao.

Gratifying Abundance and Good Living

Individuals of Davao are famous for providing significance to the quality of lifestyle. The attractiveness of the town is its capacity to fuse modernization and environmentalism together. Amidst its upsurge on trade and trade, Davao still maintains its natural sources. Therefore, its abundance on harvest is something that the city exudes each year. Back in the olden times, indigenous tribes in the base of Mt. Apo provide a thanksgiving ritual for their own god, “Manama”, for a bountiful harvest. Up until today, Davaoeños maintain the heritage throughout the Kadayawan festival since the majority of the town’s prized fruit harvests are throughout town.

Honoring Davao’s Goodness

Kadayawan attracts Davaoeños together to celebrate the goodness of this land and its people. With numerous occasions, vibrant grand parades and many exhibits, the natives of Davao guarantee a yearly celebration that is well worth watching. Watch various colours of costumes, floats and various sorts of fruits which are evident in the town for the entire month.

Getting Around Davao

The Kadayawan festival is among the most intriguing events to see if in the Philippines particularly in Davao. For vacationers, travel around Davao is simple. The town is secure and it is no hassle to search for public transport. However, for an organized excursion with an intriguing itinerary, it is suggested to avail a Davao tour package in the travel agency in Davao. Inclusive of airport and resort transfers, meals and optional excursions across Davao’s most sought after destinations, a Davao tour package will surely bring the city to another light in the eyes of a tourist destination.

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