How to Leverage Article Writing Once For Free Automated Massive Targeted Online Traffic?


What is the real secret behind traffic generation for most online internet guru may hide from the mass? The answer is strategic plan or tactical blueprint on traffic building. Perhaps you have heard of it elsewhere many times. Most online entrepreneurs may have used more than one method to generate online traffic these days. Yet, the shocking fact is that none of these contents are well leveraged to generate massive flow of traffic for short and long term online traffic. It could be just short blast of traffic.

So, what is your web traffic generation strategy?

Article writing has been massively and widely among online community since beginning of internet marketing. Do you know that each article can be recycled into different medium for maximum exposure and traffic generation? What does it benefit to you article rewriter?

– Establish great rapport and creditability widely through several traffic generation methods in the shortest time.
– There is no shortage of content to amaze your readers. You could leverage your existing article content by expand topic or rewrite into niche segment for specific result.
– With back links from various traffic sources, your website will gain mutual benefit of SEO ranking and rank top on search engine.

Here are 3 important and easy traffic methods to leverage existing article content into targeted online traffic.

1) Video Marketing
Using YouTube as your video marketing is best way to make connection with your readers. You could rewrite your article content into 3 type of video format.

– Presentation slide using camtasia video tool
– Quick video using only text and photo from
– Value added tutorial video

Please remember add backlink to your blog or product review at end of video presentation to generate YouTube traffic to your website. For maximum result, you could post your YouTube link as video response on other YouTube user site. This is totally effortless and easiest way to divert visitors to your website.

2) Social Media – Twitter, Facebook
Social network site like twitter and Facebook is the best place to generate massive targeted traffic. From Twitter, there are numerous tools like Twellow to help to generate targeted online user to your twitter account based your niche interest or online market. Keep your followers updated with relevant content or key points from article. From Facebook, leverage YouTube video created earlier and article placed it as content or segment article into few tutorial videos.

3) Blog Comment / Forum
Comment on others user site could serve best traffic generation. Summarize your article content to various guru blog or famous forum site for maximum exposure. Do not forget insert your previous YouTube video in your comment. It is crucial that keeping your mindset or intention to help others to solve online business problem. Rapport must establish first then you shall gain trust from blog users or forum visitors. Over time, you could become subject matter expert or go to person for advice. Please remember value added with quality and not quantity.

Best of all above traffic generation method is free, no shortage of content to publish and easy SEO to boost your blog or review page by leveraging for more traffic generation to your online business. Possibility of recycle your article in exchange of target free traffic is endless. Your website could easily gain free targeted traffic and expose to various internet marketing medium. I have personally used the above traffic methods and benefited greatly from it either list generation or sales revenue. Today, it is your turn to take control and turn your table around for maximum result.

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