Installing Wood Burning Stoves


That Really Is a question we Have asked All of the time, so we Believed it Could be a Fantastic time to run Throughout the Key Important points and Allow You to budget Properly to Prevent any nasty surprises

Things to think about:

Stove Price – This is the clear starting point and this is where you really would like to earn the ideal choice. Deciding on a woodburning stove may be daunting because of the huge range available today but it’s very important to work out which output you need. This may be accomplished utilizing the output on the product pages or by using a skilled HETAS engineer see your house to complete a questionnaire. Should you want any advice do not forget we’re only a call away. As a rough guide line to price we recommend spending approximately #100-150 each kw on a cooker, this will signify a 5kw cooker will cost approximately #500-600 and will make certain that you’re receiving a top excellent cooker for your cash stoves glasgow . Do not forget – to put in the cooker will cost exactly the exact same regarding what cooker you normally go for, therefore purchasing a bad or a fantastic excellent cooker will cost exactly the exact same to set up.

Flue/Chimney – have you got a functioning chimney? If not where do you enjoy the cooker installed? In case you’ve got a functioning chimney it’s strongly suggested that you put in a flexible chimney lining. The main reasons for installing a lining is:

A) It reduces the size of the flue thus heats up faster making sure your cooker works faster on a chilly start decreasing the probability of smoke “blow back”

B) If a fire start inside the chimney, the elastic liner will include the flame for around 30 mins, long enough for the fire brigade to get there and will conserve the brickwork from additional harm.

C) Easier to sweep! It is a lot easier to wash a 6″ tube than it would be to sweep a massive chimney area.

I Don’t Have a functioning chimney

Do not worry its not the end! You are able to set up the cooker using a dual skin twinwall insulated stove pipe along with the flue can operate vertical upward and outside or via an outside wall and up the face of the house. Do not worry we could design a compliant flue method for you.


You’ll have to get a non combustible hearth set up. Typically that a constructional hearth of 125mm thick is needed nevertheless some stoves are accepted to sit down a 12mm non combustible hearth (e.g glass plinth), all the Morso stoves array are qualified for use with a 12mm hearth.


Among the most essential facets of the setup is selecting the ideal installer for your job. Its suggested that you get up to 3 quotes if potential as pricing can change. More importantly do your homework about the fitter, make sure they are enrolled, if unsure request your own fitters registration number or ID card. As a rough guide you can expect to pay about #300-400 for labor based on the job required.


This is actually important! You need to at the conclusion of setup be issued using a Hetas certification. If you neglect to find a certificate you wouldn’t be insured if the worst occur.

Carbon Monoxide Detector:

As of October 2010 it became compulsory to set up a Carbon Monoxide detector in the room. The Carbon Monoxide sensor needs to have a sealed extended life battery so batteries can’t be removed.

It is my hope that this simple manual can help you when planning your own cooker buy. In case you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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