How to Solve the Poor Performance of Control Valve


Currently, there are two forms of control valves that are frequently utilised in the projects, namely solenoid valve and electric valve. But both of them possess their short coming. By way of instance, the solenoid one is easy to be blocked by the foreign material so that it has to be kept by the operator. Although the electric one does not have any water immunity, it is a difficult problem for the expert to prolong the performance time of the valve that the controller circuit will be eroded by the vapor. No matter which types of valves, the incrustation won’t just make the leakage of the valve but also will impact the normal work. Consequently, the way to get rid of the influence of this incrustation has become the matter that people fear.

The technology of control detectors involves a purge valves good deal of ranges. It’s a challenge to spell out everything clearly here. However, the poor performance Due to the different designs of device and filling substance may be reasoned into the following principles:

First, the dead area in the technical process is likely to make the process changeable ramble from the initial setpoint. Hence that the output of the control device must be raised so that it can over come the dead place.

Secondly, (a) plenty of facets such as friction force, vacillation, the torsion of valve rotating will affect the dead location. If people use the control valve, they must understand that different valves, different sensitivities to friction force. As an example, the rotary valve is extremely sensitive to the friction force caused by the high valve chair. However, for some seal styles, higher chair load is designed to get the level of closing. To certain degree, this type of valve is inadequate and isn’t difficult to cause the enormous dead area. It is unavoidable to be worn out and tore from the normal operation, but the abrasion of this lubricating layer could be the most serious. Accordingto a experiments, it’s proved that the lubricating layer of the thoracic valve may almost be exhausted after hundreds of bicycle action. Moreover, force brought on by the pressure additionally will result in the abrasion of this sealing face. Because of the above mentioned abrasion, the operation of the control valve is weaker and weaker. Different filling materials, different friction forces. (d) The a variety of executive instruments also are going to have great effect on the friction force. Broadly speaking, spring executive apparatus is far better than the plunger unit.

Paradoxically, the design double block and bleed valve dilemma of the positioner. By the view of the first design thought, the executive design along with positioner should be viewed together. A fantastic positioner has to be considered a high-gain setting, that includes two parts: inactive advantage and dynamic profit. The best way to enhance static gain is to design a pre amplifier, such as for example nozzle -baffle device, which consists of double-nozzle flapper, orifices along with the front chamber of two top nozzles. As for how to enhance the dynamic advantage, it may be aware by power amplifier. In a word, the positioner with high-gain device is helpful to reduce the procedure pruning and thus enhance the operation of control valves.

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