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As a professional trumpet player, instructor, and also self published author of “Keys to Powerful Insights Playing,” that I have been quite lucky that the “crucial audience” has been far and few between. However, what strikes me as fascinating is the truly good players never appear to brag, speak about, or need to put other players. Those which are busy putting others down are the people who appear to have the smallest amount of ability, ability or respect to defend.

1 such comment posted to one of my current YouTube movies was very condescending, unwanted, and down snide. My initial instinct was to get mad, but I then recalled the largest lesson which Maynard Ferguson educated me while vacationing with him. And that’s that many players who wish they were too preoccupied to improve as they’re wrapped up in criticizing others… that statement alone put my heart at ease TRUMPET TEACHERS. So I got the best revenge I can – by dismissing this remark, deleting the article, and obstructing the consumer.

Trumpet players generally often contend with each other to the bitter finish. I really don’t find this a lot with additional tool players or groups of instrumentalists. Maybe that is why they call the trumpet players that the Neanderthals of their musical world. After a participant succeeds to feeling comfortable in her or his very own musical skin, this sense of inadequacy will fade out like a bad memory.

My very best advice to aspiring trumpet players around – do not buy into the negativity, and when you are assaulted by one of these common “lunk heads” recall what Maynard stated!!! A participant that wishes they had been invest more time attacking compared to just improving!