What Does It Take To Create Online Wealth?


Creating online wealth for you and your family can be achieved by weaving your own web of online presence, valuable information, and a profitable sales funnel. Each one is equally as important as the others in that financial independence cannot be reached without them all working together in harmony. Here is a quick look at each one.

Having an online presence is achieved easily through social media. Think about your individual Facebook profile and visualize the influence you may have in some of those people’s lives. Facebook represents a connection from every period of your life. If you partied a lot in high school or college, chances are that you probably are in contact with some of those influences through your social media profiles. That’s not a bad thing, just an example of how there is influence still in social media circles. As your friends list expands, so does your reach. The more active you are on social media the faster your reach will expand JasonTreuLinkedIn. And now with a few dozen relevant social media sharing sites out there like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Stumble-upon, your social media web could be infinite.

Providing valuable tips and information is what’s going to keep people coming back to your website. This is what you would start to share on your social networks, if you’ve read a great article, share it, discuss why you thought it was great. The same with videos or tools. Most people on Facebook have changed the language setting to pirate and gotten a kick out of it enough to share it. That same strategy works with influence and value. The best part of this is that you will start to share your own created content.

There are a ton of different ways to post and create original content but keep in mind that you will need a hub of operations. The best way to achieve this is to have a blog of some sort. On your blog you can then post anything you’ve created. Also the search engines will start to recognize your content and rank them for all to see!

Now with the money maker, your sales funnel. The beginning of your funnel is your social media profiles. This is where people meet you for the first time, or reconnect with you. Where you go from there is completely up to you but bringing them to your “hub” or blog is the best next step. Once there, the next thing that they would want to do if they were so inclined is submit to you their contact information. Now depending on the strength of your offer, you could have a customer for life.

All of these steps are a part of a strategy that takes a committed heart and mind. You are not going to be able to create online wealth with a mediocre commitment. These strategies command consistent daily action and interaction to be effective. But over time, the flow of traffic that you would be able to create will be unstoppable. I’ve seen it time and time again.

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