Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Protected Against Mold, Mildew, and Termites


Structural Insulated Panels are a insulated panel building procedure consisting of expanded polystyrene insulation laminated between sheets of structural sheathing. This very simple sandwich panel creates an incredibly powerful insulated panel for constructing roofs, walls and flooring for sip houses or commercial structures.

When constructing a new construction, homeowners and construction professionals are worried over the possibility of mold development. Mold problems in constructions are typically directly associated with a moisture issue. Common moisture issues are the consequence of water flows and/or the dearth of focus on flashing and construction details. The molds of concern into the construction industry receive their nourishment in the starches and sugars from paper and wood products. The OSB facings of structural insulated panels are natural and may be attacked by mould from the presence of moisture. But, SIPs may be treated with a coat that will supply built-in security, reducing the chance for mold growth to occur inside the OSB skin.

1 coating alternative that’s employed in the timber sector that offers protection against mould is named FrameGuardĀ®, from Arch Chemical. Along with protecting conventional wood elements, FrameGuard may be employed to take care of SIPs. The coat is factory-applied and shields the SIP facing mould, and against parasites and mold damage. Its mixture of anti -mould fungicides and borate engineering makes wood goods unsuitable for nourishing parasites and parasites that could flourish on untreated surfaces. By the time the construction materials arrive at the work site, during construction and following involvement of the construction, FrameGuard Coating proceeds to safeguard the SIP structure along with the operator’s investment. Prevention of mold development means fewer mould spores from the atmosphere, leading to healthier indoor air wall sandwich panel. The coat also entails building owners won’t need to be concerned about issues from wood-destroying organisms. The properties of FrameGuard timber are broadly known in trade journals and in ecological circles. It’s won a Green Construction Award by the National Association of Home Builders, and It’s recorded in the GreenSpecĀ® directory of environmentally preferable products.

When constructing a new house, this is the one opportunity to define mold-resistant framing and protect against mould issues later on. Careful choice of construction materials can shield against potential expensive repairs because of mould, termites and fungi.

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Todd Bergstrom, Ph.D. is Vice President of Technology for AFM Corporation, a company that Offers regulatory, technical, and advertising service to R-Control SIP licensees throughout North America and the planet.

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