How to Make Hip Hop Beats – 101


Learning how to make hip hop beats is not an easy process. It is often quite convoluted and complicated. But if you have patience and a desire to learn, and then let me tell you, nothing can stop you from succeeding. All it takes is passion and a desire to learn. Since you desire something passionately, then nothing can stop you from pursuing to discover some more.

Learning the Ropes

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while learning how to make hip hop beats is that there are no rules! Yes, you got that right; there are no rules to making good hip hop beats. You need to run wild with your imagination and you’ll have a great piece of music just like that. Also, you need to start developing your listening ear. Look at the most mundane things for inspiration – kitchen sounds for example! No one seems to notice the most ordinary humdrum these days because most people are busy chasing the grand. Then it is time to refresh and experience for the first time what you always hear every day Biglodaartist.

A useful tip when it comes to figuring out your beat is to start with the drum track. Why? Simply because it provides a frame of reference around which you can work and since drums are such an integral part of hip hop beats, what better instruments to start with? Thereafter you can build on that.

If you’re a beginner learning to use your beat making software, before you begin anything, understand how the software works really well. This saves you hours and hours of time and also helps you make better music. Hip Hop is basically based on loops so pay special attention to the loop features of the program.

You should also remember, while figuring out your beat that most hip hop beats are around 4/4. This means that there are about four beats per bar, but beats with 2-8 beats per bar can also sound great. As I said, there are no rules, so don’t do what your best friend is doing, just to fit in! Do something experimental, something no one has done before. Express yourself while you develop the beat.

After you’re done figuring out your beat, you need to start mixing. You need to mix and edit and then mix some more to come up with the perfect track. You might even have to shelve the project and start afresh. This is where the part about perseverance comes in! You can cut some, develop some parts, and find out what is the integral beat pattern you must employ to radiate the your message.

Learning how to make hip hop beats is just the beginning; the real challenge lies in making something that will sound great, reflect your personality and click with the popularity charts! This can never be that difficult if you really are passionate about your own art. Making people listen to your music is probably satisfying enough, but it will be great if you hit it big with the billboards!

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